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Desire Pearl Resort

Immerge in the world of sensual experiences and discover the place which will make your erotic phantasies come true. We take you and your partner to the Mexican Riviera Maya, a journey to the Desire Pearl Resort, a tempting 4-star, clothing optional Resort clothing optional Resort for adult couples only. The paradise where you can learn the meaning of “passion” again, where your inhibitions go down and you can enjoy the adventure which goes far beyond your phantasies.

A hotel for couples only

Walk-in jacuzzi lounge

The hotel is for couples at the age of 21 or more only. This is a sister hotel of the Desire Resort and it is located 11 km from it.

The Desire Pearl Resort and the Riviera Maya stick tot he same concept as the Desire Resort but they differ from each other besides that.

The hotel is located on a fine white sandy beach, directly on the sea, the picture book colors of the Caribbean, the sun and a gentle sea breeze quickly make the guest forget the stress of everyday life, it is a seductive paradise, near Puerto Morelos, that idyllic place where your secret desires come true. Nudists, swingers and erotically interested people will find here the ideal place and not only to meet other couples.

Would you like to have a sensual adventure?

The exclusive all-inclusive Desire Pearl Resort is open since 2012 for couples only and their erotic lifestyle. The ambiance at the hotel is created through stylish flair, traditional Mexican and luxury furnishing, in a tandem with tropical Caribbean feeling, it is a perfect scene for a sensual and unforgettable holiday. In this private and protected surrounding the helpful staff will pamper you, to make you have a holiday in total accordance with your wishes. In the company of each other only or in the wildness with other couples.

The equipment and the service that impress

As one of the most beautiful all-inclusive Couples only Hotels, the Desire Pearl Resort offers wonderful attractions and furnishing which will tempt your senses.

You will be impressed not only by the well-kept hotel building, but also by the long white sand beach lined with palms or the turquoise Carribean Sea and, not to forget the 88 liberally separated rooms and suites which are placed in 8 houses. They are not only spacious but also comfortably furnished, each with a private balcony or a terrace. As a guest you can expect ...

If you lack souvenirs, postcards or everyday necessities, visit simply the shop in the Hotel Lobby, where there is available for free a computer with internet access. There is free Wi-Fi connection at the hotel.

Desire Pearl Resort

Let yourself pamper your palate

The Restaurants Pearl and Aphrodite and the Gastrobar Unik pamper you with attractive cuisine moments and international gourmet dishes. At three bars you will get all well-known alcoholic premium brands, beer, exquisite wine, softdrinks and juices. Dishes and drinks at the restaurants and bars are included in the price.

A romantic dinner by the sea for only two of you*, under the stars, at the Carribean summer night, is an another highlight which you should not miss (*with extra payment). The 24-hour service can be used for the price of 10.- USD per order. Dishes and drinks are included in the price, with a few exceptions.

Competence, safety and trust

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When it comes to those, our clients can count on us. Since 2004 we're partners of the Desire Resorts. As a supplier of the Lifestyle hotels for adult couples we know that trust and discretion are important. We are not e-mail dealers, we also do not sell any personal data of you, we do not pass the e-mail addresses anywhere else. We do not spam and you also do not receive any unwanted advertisement from us. Our regular customers know and appreciate that and trust us for many years.

We know the Desire Resorts personally and we visit them every year. We negotiate with the owners, we communicate thorough the management with the hotel workers. We do not sell some hotel, we would like you just to book a proper hotel for yourselves.

The Desire Pearl Resort offers you a safe, tolerant and open-minded surrounding and enables you to live your lifestyle and fulfil your phantasies casually. We provide you with safety that you will be given literally that.


If you still have not visited a Lifestyle Hotel and you are not sure if such a holiday is proper for you, please call me then, I will give you advice. You will reach me by phone:
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